Here is my first video I have done with me action cam. It’s a really nice decent off Formentor in Port Pollenca in Mallorca. The video doesn’t do the view justice really, and the ride out to the lighthouse is a must if you cycle there.

The final 12 hours

The truth of the matter is, I wasn’t going to even ride the National 12hr. Last year I said the Breckland 12hr I did to go towards the British Best All-Rounder competition, would be the only 12hr I would ever do. I made the decision fairly late to enter the 12hr, as I’d heard Marcin […]

Pursuit of glory!

Pursuit of glory After our success in Rio 2016 we were told last year Rio would host the 2018 Paracycling World Track Championships. I wasn’t all that enthusiastic to return to Rio if truth be told, 12 hours of flying and about a day of travelling in both directions wasn’t something I was looking forward […]