Went to see the Queen!


GB paraylmpics and Team GB all got invited to Manchester and London for the athlete parades.

We got to Manchester all ready and happy to see all the supporters out to see all the athletes! The crowds were amazing as they were in Leeds but the Manchester weather put a small dampener on the night as it poured down twice leaving a few people soaked to the skin! This didn’t deter the supporters and if anything they got more excited and were screaming and cheering as the rain came down!


We got to then go out for a night out with all the other athletes and we made more new mates from other sports!

The next morning there were a few sore heads after the free drink were flowing rather quickly the previous night, but we all made it to the train bright and early to travel to London!

London’s Trafalgar Square was packed full. We all came on one team at a time as the supporters cheered! It was nice to hear from some of the athletes as they were interviewed thanking all the supporters and the lottery for getting us all to this position.

We honestly can’t do it without the funding and support from the governing bodies so we can’t thank you enough.

The athletes lucky enough to medal got to then go to Buckingham Palace to see the royal family. This was a fantastic experience and one I won’t be forgetting in a hurry! We got there and were greeted by the staff who looked after us well, providing canapes and champagne until the Royal family came in to see us all and ask questions as they wished.

The queen came in to our room and spoke to one group before speaking to our group. She greeted us all by shaking our hands and asking questions, we even had a bit of a laugh and joke with her. She really seemed to be enjoying seeing all the athletes and that made the experience even better.


It was a fantastic experience and it just makes all the hard work and sacrifices we have made over the last few years worth it!


About the author: Adam Duggleby